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Our Residential Cleaning Service comes with a checklist that is composed of 40-points and it's designed to be as clear as it gets. Trust is built with consistency - our cleaning checklist was created with uniformity, attention to detail, and customer retention as the main pillars of our standard model.

*All appointments booked without extras are Standard Cleanings.

Clean Kitchen


  • Clean the exterior of ALL appliances

  • Clean interior of microwave

  • Tables/bar tops/chairs

  • Countertops & backsplash

  • Clean sink

  • Empty trash

  • Clean exterior of cabinets (fingerprints)

  • Faucet (if applicable)

  • Cabinet Fixtures

  • Sweep and mop (if applicable)

  • Load dishwasher (if applicable)


  • Clean tub/shower tiles

  • Clean and disinfect toilets

  • Clean cabinet fixtures

  • Clean countertops

  • Cabinet doors

  • Clean sink

  • Mop floors

  • Empty trash

  • Clean mirror

  • Clean faucet

  • Clean floor mats / bath rugs (if applicable)

Luxurious Bathtub
Nomadic Style Bedroom


  • Make bed(s)

  • Dust and wipe lamps

  • Dust picture frames (if applicable)

  • Dust exposed surfaces

  • Vacuum (if applicable)

  • Basic Organization (< 5 Minutes)

  • Clean mirrors (if applicable)

  • Empty trash (if applicable)


  • Spider webs

  • Arrange cushions

  • Dust any décor

  • Dust all tabletops

  • Mop (if applicable)

  • Vacuum (if applicable)

  • Dust trim (baseboards) (if applicable)

  • Clean mirrors

  • Basic Organization (< 5 Minutes)

  • Empty trash

Grey Sofa
Residential Cleaning Checklist: Services
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